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MTK Flash Tool v5.1140.00

New Features:
[SV5 Platform] Support customer parameter feature which download customized binary in CBR region.

[MT6252, MT6251] Support WINBOND OTP function
1) There are four security register banks(OTP) in WINBOND flash. The bank0 is Reserved by Winbond for future use. We only use bank1~bank3. One banks size is 0x100. User could directly use 0x0 to 0x300 address that the flashtool driver will direct these address from bank1 to bank3
2) The WINBOND flash unique feature is the security register banks are not One-Time-Program. That could be erase by specific command. In order to prevent format these regions, user must use "Lock" these regions in order to prevent data changed in security banks.

Bug fixes:
[MT6276] Fix the bug about Create CBR fail caused from bad block management method

[SV3 Platform] MMAA support 4 flash ID comparison.

Memory support:
Add new serial flash: SF_N25W064A11EF640F, SF_MX25U12835FZNI_10G and SF_MX25L12835EMI_10G.

Note: SV5 Platform: MT6251, MT6276. SV3 platform: other chips


30 Game buat ponsel China

Cara instal : copy file  ber-extension .nes ke folder game di memory card

76 Game hp China

UFC pinout selector 5.7

DCT4 Plus RSA Unlocker free

Supported Models:
* Free DCT4++ RSA all models unlock
* You do not need any LOGS, CREDITS, ACTIVATIONS or box except UFS/JAF interface
* To unlock DCT4++ phones please use Unlock button
* Do not need to worry about firmware and UPP version
* No more patch files
* Phones are really unlocked
* You can use FBUS and Easy Cable
* Safe software
* Working with JAF interface (UFS support coming soon)
* Calculation is server based and take about 1 second per phone and is totally free for all

Supported models:

- NOKIA 1110i RH-93
- NOKIA 1112b RH-92
- NOKIA 1200 RH-99
- NOKIA 1200 RH-100
- NOKIA 1202 RH-112
- NOKIA 1208 RH-105
- NOKIA 1208b RH-106
- NOKIA 1209 RH-105
- NOKIA 1600b RH-66
- NOKIA 1661 RM-305
- NOKIA 1662
- NOKIA 1650 RM-305
- NOKIA 1680 Classic RM-394
- NOKIA 1680 Classic-2b RM-490
- NOKIA 2220 Slide RM-590
- NOKIA 2310 RM-189
- NOKIA 2320 Classic RM-514
- NOKIA 2320 Classic-2b RM-515
- NOKIA 2323 CLassic RM-543
- NOKIA 2330 Classic RM-512
- NOKIA 2600 RH-60
- NOKIA 2600a RH-60
- NOKIA 2600 Classic RM-340
- NOKIA 2610 RH-86
- NOKIA 2610b RH-87
- NOKIA 2626 RM-291
- NOKIA 2630 RM-298
- NOKIA 2630b RM-299
- NOKIA 2660 RM-292
- NOKIA 2660b RM-293
- NOKIA 2680 Slide RM-392
- NOKIA 2680 Slide-2b RM-500
- NOKIA 2720 Fold RM-519
- NOKIA 2760 RM-258
- NOKIA 2760b RM-259
- NOKIA 2760h RM-391
- NOKIA 5000 RM-362
- NOKIA 5030 XM RM-524
- NOKIA 6030b RM-75
- NOKIA 7070 RH-116
- NOKIA 7100s RM-438


Universal Master Code Calculator

ZTE Master code calculator
NEC Master code calculator
LG KG110 Master code calculator
Nokia Master code calculator
Huawei Master code calculator
VK Mobiles Master code calculator


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